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Nevada Photo Archive, Barbara Powell Looking Back

Saving the west

‚ÄčWho are they? Unknown!  We know where, Rochester Nevada.  And when, 1920

We do it one photo, one artifact, one bit of oral or written history at a time.  It is a community effort, information picked up and related over time, collected, and finally written down. 

The community in this case is the Humboldt Museum, who provided the photos and the Humboldt Sun who published the short pieces.  They were written and compiled by Barbara Powell.  Any mistakes are hers alone!

Museums are filled with wonderful historic photos.   Many of them come with a problem.  The people in the photos are unknown.  Sometimes even the location or the exact time are in doubt.  The Looking Back series is an attempt to get down memories,even imperfect ones, before they vanish.

 Looking Back Historic Photo Column